Revenge of the Mininet

Here's how You can set up a Mininet Empire, for Top Search Engine Positions and Highest Profits, just like the Leading Six Figure Income Earners. Click here to order now.

Dear friends, affiliate marketers and SEO professionals.

Revenge of the Mininet and Dynamic Linking covers.Imagine working half days and earning more money in a single day, than most average Americans can in a week. It's not fiction. It's not a pipe dream. It's reality.

What you are about to learn is fact. These are same proven affiliate revenue linking strategies, I recommend for my clients. Some of them, like me, are making over $200,000 a year in affiliate revenues. Some of them earn even more than I do and have retired already.

The only difference is, they have the freedom to sit at home in their pajamas, while you probably commute, slave away in an office some place, and put up with demanding clients or a badgering boss, for low wages. But you know what? It doesn't have to be that way.

I got a lot out of Revenge of the Mininet, and personally want to thank you. I've definitely increased my personal income as a result of your information. I would highly recommend that everyone gets the course and a couple of coaching sessions from you.

Brian Maroevich, President
Avalanche Response Marketing Systems

There's no reason why you couldn't be doing the same thing as my clients, and making the same kind of money they do. All it takes is some basic search engine optimization knowledge, a couple of affiliate programs and a simple - but little known - linking strategy.

Just so you know, this course is not a bunch of theory, or hard to understand words. These are pictures, actual linking diagrams, showing exactly how to link everything together. You can add them to your existing marketing mix or use the various linking strategies together.

Just finished your course and feel like I got a graduate degree in mininet creation... I can see how I will have to read this 3 or 4 times for it to start sinking in - but I am definitely pumped up! :-)

I can also see, exactly how this will work and work well! Just like I advocate giving people exactly what they want in order to write a best-seller, you advocate giving the search engines exactly what they want to craft a top scoring system (not just a page) for great rankings! Well done!

No wonder you can make so much money actually "doing it" and not have to get up in front of audiences to teach what you do in order to cash in!

- Jim Edwards (Author of Words into Traffic, eBook Secrets Exposed and eight other widely respected ebooks)

People used to phone me for this information and I'd tell them how to do it. The only problem is, sometimes it's difficult to understand without visual examples. At $500 an hour, most people spent between $250 - $1,000 to fully understand this information. Now with everything in pictures, you'll be able to learn the same information, but at a fraction of the cost.

What this course is not.

This course is not about SEO (search engine optimization). There are several good ebooks on that subject already, so writing another one would just waste your time. If you want to learn SEO, here is the original - and still the best - SEO course which updated monthly since 1997.

Winning the Search Engine Wars - an advanced professional SEO guide

Okay, so what is this system?

This system is a diagramed, step by step, how-to. It shows how to set up and design a cluster of sites, with highly targeted keywords, and link them together, for natural link popularity, and favorable search engine rankings. It's actual sketches and diagrams, from proven models, showing exactly how all the sites link together.

These are the same linking strategies my coaching clients use. Like I said, some are making over $200,000 a year in affiliate revenues alone. No job, no boss, no commute. They just sit quietly at home creating minisite networks. In a few weeks, they start taking the checks to the bank. That simple.

I used to draw the diagram on the left, on chalkboards at workshops and seminars. Many coaching clients were also faxed the same diagram. I'm happy to say it - and others - have evolved into colorful diagrams based on standard web information architecture.

It's a real boon for people who already understand search engine optimization basics. If you have clients, you can use the strategies to improve their positioning. If you don't have clients, and do search engine work for yourself, you can use the linking strategies to boost your affiliate revenues. Either way, you'll benefit by adding them to your marketing mix.

Michael Campbell's minisite strategies are phenomenal and should be considered by anyone interested in making serious money through affiliate marketing.

Revenge of the Mininet makes it easy to understand how to set up series of sites for affiliate marketing, or marketing your clients' products and services.

If you follow his guidelines, your minisites will be search engine friendly and valuable, to both users and search engines alike. This is an invaluable linking system!

- Robin Nobles

Professional SEO and trainer with Search Engine Workshops.

These linking strategies are right for you, only if you are....

  • Familiar with making web pages, using an HTML editor and FTP software.
  • Comfortable using a computer and day to day website operations.
  • Active in affiliate programs and wanting to earn more money.
  • Confident pasting affiliate tracking codes into your web pages.
  • Capable of at least the fundamentals of search engine optimization.
  • Experienced enough to understand why links and the way you use them are so important.

The praise & testimony I want to give, can never equal the value you've brought to our web revenue operations, with the inspired, strategic genius in Revenge of the Mininet.

My wife, kids and grandkids will continue to be grateful to you for decades. What a blessing!

- Cotton

(Six-figure web revenue producer. First name and website empire withheld by request.)

So why do search engines like these linking strategies?

  • These linking strategies create your own link popularity.
  • You build your own Reputation and Topic for your pages.
  • They focus on very specific keywords in the linking structures.
  • They play right into the hands of automated search engine spiders.

It delivers "diamonds" right into the readers hand! Extraordinary strategies that are not only easy to understand, but your diagrams make it impossible to go wrong. - John Alexander

It was a quantum leap for my SEO business! - Robert Wright

Outstanding knowledge and unique insights for the search engine industry. - Sue Chappel

It's easy to follow and has an uncanny way of getting me re-focused and more motivated than ever - Terry Cernuto

You brought me a long way. And made me some good money, more than just a few bucks. - Chuck (Last name and url withheld by request.)

Is it hard to learn?

No, anyone can learn how to do this. Most search engine optimization is common sense, yet few people put in the effort. Add a little SEO work, to the affiliate revenue and linking strategies in the course, and the money will start coming in.

In fact, some of the biggest money earners I've trained, used to be truck drivers, carpenters, yoga instructors and stay at home moms. People just like you.

Our company is pretty well-known for being good at search engine placement, but we are rank beginners compared to Michael's knowledge and experience. He holds nothing back, stays focused and patient with your questions, and is a true expert in the field.

If you have a project that requires top rankings, and you are going to spend weeks or months building your web sites - do yourself a favor and invest in his course, or better yet, a few hours of coaching with Michael Campbell. It's a good investment no matter what projects are coming up for your company.

- William Blitz, President, OptiSite Inc.

Remember, this information was previously available, to my coaching clients only. It's priceless, because it didn't have a price. Some people understood all the diagrams within an hour. With my coaching rate at $500 an hour, for them it was a $500 course.

One person took five hours to understand everything and connect all the dots. For her, it was a $2,500 course. But that's just a drip in the bucket, as she's well on her way to over $100,000 in affiliate revenues, her first year.

Now you can get the same information as they did, except in neat, easy to understand, pictures and diagrams... at a fraction of the cost.

How soon can I get it?

It's instantly downloadable in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You can have it on your hard drive in just a few seconds. Click here to get your copy now.

Is it guaranteed?

Yes, it's guaranteed... I want you to love it or tell me to shove it. Revenge of the Mininet comes with my usual 60 day - no questions asked - love it or shove it - money back guarantee. So you don't even have to think about making a decision right now.

Just download Revenge of the Mininet now and start putting these linking strategies to work for you. You have up to 59 more days to decide if it's right for you. The important thing is to start now. Download the course now and start using the information to your advantage today.

We've made it simple and affordable, the rest is up to you, all you need to is click here to order now.

I know this unique information has been a well guarded secret, and that you've shared the concepts with only a select group of private coaching clients.

As you know, information is beginning to come out about how to set up Minisites and Mininets. However, if the correct crosslinking approaches are not used, even the best designed sites are doomed to fail.

One reason I respect your work is that you don't just talk about theories or stuff you heard from a "guru" at a recent workshop. You're a successful full-time affiliate, and all your strategies have been developed from much study, combined with your own trial and error experience.

I applaud your willingness to share what you've learned, with all of us who can benefit from your help.

- Kirk VandenBerghe, Webmaster for

Plus if you order right now...

You'll also get  Dynamic Linking by Leslie Rohde

Precision guided linking for webmasters and SEO professionals.

Using these advanced linking techniques, you can control which pages on your site get a link popularity boost, just by sacrificing links from unimportant pages. It also allows you to hide affiliate links from search engines so you won't be penalized for using them.

It allows you to work around problem strategies by ignoring them completely and focusing on link building instead. You'll be able to break free of problem site designs and help your clients get better positioning.

Dynamic Links allow you to send traffic, without sending ranking points to the destination site. That means, not only will you get your commissions, but you don't diminish your own ranking by sending away hard earned link popularity.

So not only can you provide a rich user experience, and a fully navigable site, you control exactly which links the search engines can crawl. It's really advanced stuff, but it's going to be in use everywhere within just a few months.

Everyone will want to control what spiders can crawl, aim their link popularity, and to prevent getting penalized, just because they are using affiliate links.

Plus... over 120 minutes of downloadable audio

Over 120 minutes of audio interviews with me. Order today and you'll get to download and listen as I explain everything in detail. Learn everything you want to know about affiliate revenue, internet marketing and search engine strategies.

Here are just a few of the topics we cover in detail...

- How to get good at internet marketing and optimizing your site.
- Which is better, paid or free search engine advertising.
- Doorway pages explained, what they are and how to use them.
- Hallway pages explained, they are more than just link pages.
- Cloaking your source code to prevent theft.
- Should you choose clients or be an anonymous affiliate.
- How to jump in the middle of an existing market for top profits.
- Discover the keyword phrases that make the most money.
- Learn which products and services are selling the best.
- Learn how to tease people into clicking your affiliate links.
- How to tap the power of multiple revenue streams.
- Learn how to become a better copy writer.
- How to capture persuasive emotion in your writing.
- Learn how to spy on the competition.
- Tips for earning more money from click throughs and sign ups.
- Minisites, how to link them and where to host them.
- The opportunity to succeed is greater now than ever before.

So here's the full deal....

You get Revenge of the Mininet, bursting with linking diagrams and affiliate revenue strategies. You get advanced linking techniques in Dynamic Linking. Plus you get over 120 minutes of downloadable audio. You can have it all, in just a few seconds.

I've made it simple and affordable for you to own Revenge of the Mininet. The rest is up to you. All you need to do is click the link below and order now. Remember, it's guaranteed for 60 days, so you have nothing to lose! Just click on the link below and get your very own copy now.

Wishing you all the best for online success.

Michael Campbell
CEO Dynamic Media Corporation
Author of Revenge of the Mininet, Clickin' it Rich, Nothing but 'Net,
and the Internet Marketing Secrets Newsletter.

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